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We turn the ordinary
into the extraordinary

Our highly skilled technicians
are always at hand to deliver excellent results.

Unparalleled luxury care

We do not compromise on the quality of service we deliver.

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Our system is engineered to
the very best standard

Bigfoot simplifies the polishing process reducing time
and producing optimum results.

Private jet detailing

Detailing like a surgeon
with clinical precision

All areas analysed, inspected, corrected
and delivered in pristine condition.

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The pinnacle of luxury
in detailing

"We have set a benchmark
in the detailing world" ~~ Gideon King

about us

Bigfoot Detailing Centre Qatar is an official partner of Rupes S.P.A Milan Italy, and the strategic founding partner of the Bigfoot Detailing Centre franchise program.




Surfaces of vehicles, yachts & jets are frequently subjected to degradation, often introducing swirl marks, scratches and oxidation.


interior ;eather and fabric care

Our team of specialists are highly skilled in leather cleaning, restoration and recolouring.


Let's deliver the right solution for you.
Tint/Film application

At Bigfoot Detailing Centre we have variety of films for different requirements. With our film technology we work around the interior climate that each client desire, the film brings comfort as well as privacy to your home.


custom design and wrapping

Bigfoot Detailing Centre understands that every client is unique. We have on site designers that can help bring your ideas to life while working with you every step of the way.



Bigfoot is the largest and the most advanced technology available in the automobile detailing and car care world.



Forward-thinking organizations must embed sustainable principles in the core of their strategy.


Key Benefits

Bigfoot Detailing has built a system that is performance proven for our clients. It is what we call the SYSTEM. We help our clients at every stage from identification of their needs, to developing custom solutions for all levels of car care.

  • We help you understand the problems.
  • We help and guide you through our methodology, innovation and approach to care for your car.
  • We help you add worth to your car to enable good resale value.
  • We help achieve the results that you desire for your car.
  • We help you with aftercare program and constant maintenance of your paint to maintain the look.

Frequently asked Questions

Although the car is new, during transportation and storage there are a lot of elements that can contributes to defects on paint, such as moisture, container dusts and iron, and storage dusts. They often  find their ways in to the pores of the paint.

Due to huge production and time constraint newly painted cars from manufacturing plant are not properly finished, often car gets delivered with sanding marks , holograms. Interior should be treated and protected.

Ideally if your car can be polished twice a year but make sure that you have enough paint and clear coat before this is performed if you would love to go down this route, we will advise using ceramic based coatings as protection as long as the increment in micron can be quantified then it is less riskier to remove the paint.

The appropriate wash mitt and the two bucket method should be used in washing the car in a linear motion, starting from top to bottom; also an extra sponge is advised to be used on the lower parts of the vehicle. Drying should be with Microfiber in a drop, drag and pat pattern to be kind and gentle to the paint work.

Paint protection can be the best form of protection for vehicles.  These are materials with thickness of up to 200 μm (Microns) . They are urethane films that protects against stone chips, abrasion from debris bugs and sand.

We always aim to deliver the best service for our customers.

Bigfoot Detailing is professional, friendly, efficient and pad attention to detail (no pun intended) in the restoration of my cars . I have full confidence in Bigfoot Detailing and have recommended them on numerous occasions.

Ahmed Usman — Doha, Qatar

Testimonial 2

Bigfoot Detailing did a risk assessment of potential future damage and how we could improve on them. They bring a wealth of knowledge as well as a personal touch so often missing from other detailing companies around here in Qatar.

Martin—Doha, Qatar

Testimonial 3

I cannot recommend talking to Bigfoot Detailing highly enough about vehicles detailing and after care, the team did a highly professional jobs every time I visited their shop

Hassan Jaseem — Doha, Qatar



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