Have queries? We'd love to help.

Our Most Frequently asked Questions

Have queries? We'd love to help.

Our Most Frequently asked Questions

by Mclaren
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My car is new why should I detail it?

Although the car is new, during transportation and storage there are a lot of elements that can contributes to defects on paint, such as moisture, container dusts and iron, and storage dusts. They often find their ways in to the pores of the paint.

Due to huge production and time constraint newly painted cars from manufacturing plant are not properly finished, often car gets delivered with sanding marks , holograms. Interior should be treated and protected.

How often should I detail my car?

Ideally if your car can be polished twice a year but make sure that you have enough paint and clear coat before this is performed if you would love to go down this route, we will advise using ceramic based coatings as protection as long as the increment in micron can be quantified then it is less riskier to remove the paint.

How do I keep my car looking new?

The appropriate wash mitt and the two bucket method should be used in washing the car in a linear motion, starting from top to bottom; also an extra sponge is advised to be used on the lower parts of the vehicle. Drying should be with Microfiber in a drop, drag and pat pattern to be kind and gentle to the paint work.

Why do I need a paint protection film (PPF)?

Paint protection can be the best form of protection for vehicles. These are materials with thickness of up to 200 μm (Microns) . They are urethane films that protects against stone chips, abrasion from debris bugs and sand.