Paint Correction, Polishing, Detailing

Paint Correction, Polishing, Detailing

by Mclaren

Paint Correction – Polishing

Surfaces of vehicles, yachts & jets are frequently subjected to degradation, often introducing swirl marks, scratches and oxidation.

Bigfoot Detailing Centre trained technicians perform thorough analysis to identify the problems. With our Optical, Microscopic and Ultrasonic tools integrated with remedy software, we are able to generate a solution for each and every specific problem, making sure that all surfaces are treated with the utmost precision, without compromising the amount of clear coat removed during the correction and polishing stages.

The Bigfoot system; used by millions, is the most advanced form of engineering available on the market today, base on continuous research and studies on all the various paints available for surfaces from OEM Ceramic, to soft and hard paint.

We are a professional centre that implements both technical applications and software solutions to arrive at the best results possible.


A thorough cleaning and decontamination of interior and exterior surfaces is carried out using a systematic approach. Even in hard to reach areas our team of experts posses the right tools and have been trained on ways to access these areas efficiently.

A three stage check list method is utilized at our centre to make sure that before handover and progression to the delivery area all aspects of the car has been cleansed, checked for dirt, marks and stains.

Floor mats upholstery usually accumulate dirt, a step by step proven system used by world class professionals is being adopted at our centre to make the interior climate of cars a pleasant one.


Preservation and maintenance is highly important in order to keep the integrity of car paint, that’s why we work with the Next Generation coating “MAYVINCI” as the final layer after all defects have been removed.

Some of our coating has been induced with self-healing polymer which self-repairs scratches and swirls with the help of external forces such as heat from the sun or washing with hot water.

Our other ranges consists of SI02  Ceramic (silica based) that  exhibits great gloss, and form a glass layer like form of protection on your car surfaces.

Rigid and elastic- able it is a great form of protection with the ability to reemit UV as a short form of wave length.

Their characteristics also consists of scratch resistance, super hydrophobic, superb gloss retention and self-cleaning ability of the lotus leaf effect.

The results are unrivalled in the world of automotive coating.

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Key Benefits of this Service

Bigfoot Detailing has built a system that is performance proven for our clients. It is what we call the SYSTEM. We help our clients at every stage from identification of their needs, to developing custom solutions for all levels of car care.

  • We help you understand the problems.
  • We help and guide you through our methodology, innovation and approach to care for your car.
  • We help you add worth to your car to enable good resale value.
  • We help achieve the results that you desire for your car.
  • We help you with aftercare program and constant maintenance of your paint to maintain the look.